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Sectional overhead swing & sliding gates


  • Operator with encoder

  • Suitable for sectional door and counterweight door (with curved arm)

  • Guide in galvanized iron or aluminum with preassembled chain/belt Lithium grease lubrication of

  • mechanical parts against corrosion, oxidation and rust

  • High-performance electric motor

  • Very quiet operation

  • Limit switches/encoder management

  • Pre-wired and easy programming software

  • Control unit with built-in receiver and aerial

  • Anti-squashing system reverse (en 12453)

  • Electronictorque control

  • Slowing down function (en12453)

  • Power supply 24Vdc


Electromechanical reducer composed by a die-cast aluminium block enclosing the electric motor and the drive system, painted with epoxy powder as protection against atmospheric agents.
The strong ABS cover protects the control board housed inside the aluminium block. The drive system is composed by a worm gear made in steel and an helicoidal gear made in spheroidal cast iron. The emergency release system is engaged with an hexagonal key contained in a small locked wicket.

Operators for swing & sliding gates
Operators for swing gates

QUIKO swing gate openers are suitable for both residential and industrial use.

The wide range includes linear arms, articulated arm automation and underground systems. Moreover, QUIKO linear arms are available in both the electro-mechanic and hydraulic versions.

Every QUIKO swing gate opener includes a manual release system to operate the gate manually in case of power failure and a backup battery system can be supplied as an option on low voltage operators. Our openers are characterised by their extreme ease of installation and use. Each operator is available either as a complete and easy ready-to-install swing gate kit or just as a single gearmotor.

Depending on the weight and the length of the gate you want to automate, you are invited to explore our catalogue and chose between the EON, NEO, ROTELLO, HYDRO, SPIDER, SCARABEO and SUB  series to find the perfect electric gate automation for your application.

EON Catalog
NEO Catalog
HYDRO Catalog
Sliding gate openers

Chose between the Zebra, Moovy, Ercole and Titano series of  electric sliding gate opener, suitable for both residential and industrial use.


Several sliding gate openers are available either with or without mechanical clutch, Available as 230/110V or 24V operated. The 24V versions can be operated by battery, allowing the sliding gate kit to work even in case of complete electrical failure.  The powerful 400V three-phase gearmotor mounted inside ERCOLE and TITANO series operators makes them suitable for heavy duty industrial use.


The ready-to-install sliding gate kits available at QUIKO, contain all the components required by European CE Directives and ensure the installer, an easy installation process.


All the sliding gate openers are fully tested under all environmental conditions and are suitable for installation in every country in the world.

ZEBRA Catalog
MOOVY Catalog
TITANO Catalog
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