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Sliding Doors Operators

The new operator for sliding doors suits any type of installation, even the heaviest one, it stands out for modular design, mechanic and electronic features that create a flexible, functional and compact sliding door system, easy to install and provided with most advanced technological solutions present in the market.

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Revolving Doors

Automatic or manual revolving door which is available in various design


executions with night shutters in manual (3/4 wings) or automatic version (2/3/4wings), with electric or mechanical locks, push bars in different variations or specific glass requirements. Automatic revolving door turns in anticlockwise direction and is always equipped with the latest safety features to provide safe and reliable function.
The canopy structure is made of a solid and strong steel structure including thermal insulation and clad in aluminum plates along the pelmet and closed with a standard dust cover. The ceiling underside is closed with segmented aluminum plates that provide a solid and perfect flush view.
Highly engineered and reliable drive components ensure a smooth and safe operation at all times. Revolving doors provide comfort ideal for office buildings, airports, train-stations, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and many more.

  • Climate control (temperature, air condition wind-drafts) which reduces costs

  • Flexible design options provide totally customized solutions for any entrance

  • Full glass option available for incredible transparency mainly for glass facades

Download Revolving Doors Specifications
Download Revolving Doors with 3 wings
Download Revolving Doors with 4 wings
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