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  • High quality, most suitable solution can be used in all projects

  • Diametre of the wire used 4; 4,5 ; 5 ; 6mm

  • Length of the post depending of panel used 0,50 / 0,80 / 1 / 1,20 / 1,50 / 2 / 2,5m

  • All panels are drying electrostatically in the oven after been welding

  • In order to increase panel resistance there is one or two wires in twist lines

  • Post are welded square with 50x50x1,5mm or 60x60x2mm

  • Flange of post are produced with 120x120x5mm anchor plate

  • Installation into the concrete is done with spax bolt and without pin

  • Clips : to mouting posts with panels; green steel clips or plastic ones

  • Caps : to cover up of posts (green or other colors)

  • Panel fence color code Rall6005 or other colors as your request.

  • For different sizes and colors please contact us.

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